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捕鯨問題2 Whaling issue 2

There are many people who promote and agree with whaling, and there are also many people who disagree with whaling. Japan, as a government, promotes whaling. (There are lots of Japanese, as an individual who disagree with whaling too.) What are their claims and where is the point? and what is the problem?

Whaling has started in the prehistoric times, thousands of years ago. We have hunted whales for its meat and oil. At the time, the whaling didn't cause serious impact to the oceanic ecology. But resent whaling has altered them because of increasing in demand of whale oil in the 19th century and increase in demand in whale meat in the 20th century. (Wikipedia) (日本捕鯨協会)

Probably, the biggest issue is whether the population of the whales is increasing or are they extincting?

The answer to this question can't be answered easily. There are 84 kinds of whales, and since there are some species of whales that is increasing and there are other species that is decreasing, saying "Killing whales is bad thing because whales are endangered," is quite a out of the question. That is why someone have to research their population. People who don't want to admit even the research whaling doesn't even have their ground.

prehistoric time : 有史以前
endangered : 絶滅寸前の
ground : 根拠




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捕鯨問題1 Whaling issue 1

Have you ever eaten whale meat? I think I do have when I was a little boy, but it
was so long ago that I don't remember how it tasted. Probably many of the Japanese who are over mid 20s or above have eaten them in "kyuusyoku", school lunch. But we don't see them on the table regularly like before. (Yahoo! News)

Recently there was a news that Japanese whaling fleet has set sailing for Antarctic Ocean for research whaling. (BBC NEWS)

This time there is something different. Japan is aiming to capture humpback whales which is first time since research whaling has started. US and Australia and many of the countries and some anti-whaling organizations strongly claimed that Japan should stop hunting whales in the name of scientific research.
What do you think about whaling?

fleet : 船団
Antarctic Ocean : 南極海、南氷洋
humpback whale : ザトウクジラ



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肥満抑制薬の効果は? 1

Fat pills give modest weight loss

Patients taking anti-obesity drugs lose only "modest" amounts of weight, and many remain significantly obese or overweight, research reveals.
Fat pills like orlistat reduced weight by less than 5kg (11 pounds) or 5% of total body weight - which guidelines say makes their use unjustified.

Experts said the Canadian work in the British Medical Journal shows pills are no substitute for healthy living.

Eating less and exercising more is essential, they said.

Over a billion people worldwide are overweight or obese, making the anti-obesity drug market big business.

An estimated $1.2 billion was spent on anti-obesity drugs worldwide in 2005.

The latest work by Professor Raj Padwal and his team at the University of Alberta suggests in many cases these pills achieve little in terms of weight loss.

They reviewed the evidence from thirty placebo-controlled trials, involving nearly 20,000 people, where adults took one of three anti-obesity drugs - orlistat, sibutramine or rimonabant - for a year or longer.

The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence recommends stopping the use of anti-obesity drugs if 5% of total body weight is not lost after three months.

All of the volunteers in the trials were deemed obese, and weighed an average of 100kg (15.7 stone).

Orlistat reduced weight by 2.9kg, sibutramine by 4.2kg and rimonabant by 4.7kg.

Patients taking the weight loss pills were significantly more likely to achieve 5%-10% weight loss, compared to those who took a dummy drug, however. (BBC NEWS)

obesity : 肥満
modest : あまり多くない、控えめな
significantly : 顕著に、はっきりと
orlistat : 胃と小腸で脂肪の吸収を阻害する肥満管理用のリパーゼ阻害剤
sibutramine : アメリカでは認可されている肥満抑制薬。心臓に悪影響があり32名死亡
rimonabant : 痛みや食欲を抑える薬。
stone : イギリスで用いられる重量の単位。1st.→6.35kgなので15.7st.で約100kg



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女性の5人に1人は運動不足 3

Government priority

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is opening the WSFF conference on Thursday, has said his government is committed "to achieving a step change in how women and girls experience and participate in sport".

Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe said: "One in five women participating regularly in sport is not enough.

"Getting more women doing sport is one of my priorities. We have to change the notion that sport is something for men and find ways in which it can be more appealing to women.

"This will need a joint effort from government, sports governing bodies and the private sector to make this happen."

Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes said: "We need to find out ways to encourage girls to do exercise with their friends, to go to the gym, go out for walks, go on bike rides - things that you can find that are fun." (BBC NEWS)

Gordon Brown : ジェームス・ゴードン・ブラウン。第74代イギリス首相。まだトニー・ブレアだと思ってた・・・orz
notion : 考え、概念
body : 団体、組織体
Dame Kelly Holmes : ケリー・ホームズ イギリス元陸上選手。2004年アテネ五輪800mと1500mの金メダリスト


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女性の5人に1人は運動不足 2

One of the problems is a world dominated by male sporting heroes and their glamorous partners.

"WAGs are becoming the new sporting role models and that is depressing," said Sue Tibballs, chief executive of the WSFF.

"We need the media to pay greater attention to female sporting achievements. Why, when Nicole Cooke won the French cycling tour on the same day as Andy Murray hurt his wrist, did she become an afterthought on the news?"

The WSFF believes that cultural representations of women have to change if women are to show a greater interest in fitness than thinness.

It hopes to kickstart a debate involving the media, government, schools and universities, and also plans to encourage businesses to facilitate more sporting events at work.

It wants to make sport more accessible to women with children by encouraging the provision of crèches at leisure centres and more options to exercise as a family. (BBC NEWS)

Nicole Cooke : ニコール・クック。イギリスの女子プロ自転車選手
Andy Murray : アンディ・マレー。イギリスの男子プロテニス選手
WAGs : Wives And Girlfriends の略。ご主人のご機嫌を伺い尻尾をふる人たちへの暗喩
afterthought : 補足、追加、あとから思いつくこと。
WSFF : Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation の略。
provison : 供給
creche : 保育施設、保育所

cultural representations ってどう訳そう。文化人?


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女性の5人に1人は運動不足 1

Few women doing enough exercise

Only a fifth of women in the UK are doing enough exercise to be healthy, a report has found.
The Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation wants a public debate on how to engage women in physical activity.

It says many women currently feel under more pressure to be thin than healthy and are put off exercise from an early age - typically by school sport.

And women desperately need greater sporting role models than the wives and girlfriends of football stars, it says.

More than 80% of women are not doing enough exercise to benefit their health, and young women are only half as active as male counterparts.

Government guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, but only one in five women currently reaches that target, a survey of over 350,000 people found last year.

Separate research commissioned by the WSFF has found that 90% of women feel under pressure to be thin, and 25% say they "hate the way they look" when they exercise.

Some 40% of girls as young as seven, meanwhile, do not want to be seen as sporty.

"There is a fundamental mismatch between girls' views of their bodies' functions as passive and decorative, and the use of the body as active and functional in sport," the report says.

"Many girls also dislike the practical requirement of having to alter their dress and appearance in a way that conflicts with their images of femininity in order to take part in PE." (BBCNEWS)

engage : (注意を)引きつける
put off (doing) - : ~するのを嫌がる
counterpart : 対応するもの、もう一方の
moderate : 適度な、極端でない

でも運動はきらぁい(`3´) スイーツ(笑)


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Metabolism3 メタボ3

Can I speed up my metabolism?
There are many pills, supplements and foods that claim to speed up the metabolism and burn fat. Most of these claims are unproven.

Some chemicals, such as nicotine and caffeine, do have a small effect. However, any increase in the metabolism may be accompanied by an increase in the heart rate and other side-effects, and so aren't recommended as a treatment for obesity.

The fact is no single ingredient will melt body fat away without some effort on your part to reduce the amount of calories you eat.

How can I burn calories?
The best way to burn calories is to increase your levels of physical activity. The amount you'll burn depends on your body size, age and gender, but as a rough guide:

60 minutes of gardening burns 300 kcals
60 minutes of walking burns 200 kcals
90 minutes of football burns 600 kcals
45 minutes of dancing burns 450 kcals

In the long run, improving your body composition (increasing muscle and decreasing fat) by being more physically active will lead to small but important increases in your basal metabolic rate. (BBC NEWS)
<-- ここまで引用-->

side-effect : 副作用
obesity : 肥満
in the long run : 長期的には


Metabolism 2 メタボ2

But I eat very little
Often, overweight people believe they eat very little and still put on weight, hence the 'slow metabolism' theory, but research has shown people tend to eat more than they think.

When asked to write down everything they've consumed in a day, people tend to report eating far less than they actually do. This may be to impress the researcher or because they genuinely forget to include some items.

On the day they recorded their intake, they may even have chosen lower calorie foods than they'd normally eat.

The bottom line is you'll gain weight if you consume more calories than your body needs. This can be a difficult fact to face, but recognising the need for change is vital for successful weight loss.

The good news is people not only manage to lose weight but are able to keep control of it in the long term. (BBC NEWS)
<-- ここまで引用-->

hence : これゆえに
genuinely : 純粋に
bottom line : 要点、肝心かなめ

This may be impress the researcher or ... の部分がどうもしっくり訳せない。うーん・・・。

日本語でメタボって言うと、「太ってる人」という印象があるけど、metabolismって「代謝」って意味だから良いも悪いもないんだよね。"basal metabolic rate"あるいは"resting metabolic ratae"で基礎代謝(率)って意味です。

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Metabolism 1 メタボ1

The term 'metabolic rate' refers to the energy (calories) you expend over a day just keeping your body functioning - your heart beating and your lungs breathing, for example. This is often called the basal or resting metabolic rate.

Scientists have measured the exact amount of calories overweight and healthy weight people burn while sitting or lying quietly. This was done by measuring the amount of oxygen breathed in and the amount of carbon dioxide breathed out.

Results from these studies have consistently shown that overweight people use more energy to keep their bodies working. This is because they have larger bodies with bigger muscles and internal organs.

However, after taking into account differences in body size, lean and obese people have been shown to have similar metabolic rates.

Basal metabolic rate can be influenced by body composition. Muscle requires more energy to function than fat. As we get older, we tend to gain fat and lose muscle. This explains why basal metabolic rate tends to decrease with age.

Similarly, two people of the same age and weight may have different metabolic rates if one is fitter (and has more muscle) than the other.

Of course, we also use energy to move around during the day. Basal metabolic rate and the energy required for physical activity make up our total energy expenditure, or total energy needs. Your total energy needs depend very much on how active you are. (BBC NEWS)
<-- ここまで引用 -->

expend - 費やす
basal : 基礎の (base all が語源らしい)
take - into account : ~を考慮する
expenditure : 消費、支出


most famous Pharaoh unveiled

More than 3,000 years ago a teen-aged boy named Tutankhamun ruled over ancient Egypt. This week, for the first time, the public can actually view the young king's face. On November 4th, archaeologists took the mummy of King Tut from its stone coffin and moved it to a climate-controlled glass case and invited the public to take a look. The move was part of a plan to protect the remains of the pharaoh. Thousands of people visit the tomb each year and the moisture and heat from their bodies is a threat to the fragile mummy.,28277,1680872,00.html
(Tims for Kids)

You mean that for more than 80 years after the discovery, nobody has opened the coffin? It was quite a surprise for me that it WASN'T been tightly protected until now. It is easily thinkable that 3000 years old body is really fragile once the tomb was unveiled.

Many archaeologists believed or still believes that Tut was killed. But x-ray exam shows that this 19 years old young King has probably died from complication from broken leg.

Ancient Egyptian believes that dead body is where one day one's sprit come back. I really hope that modern technology will preserve his body until the time.

Well, these Pharaoh and pyramids and Ancient Egyptian civilization always stimulate our curiosities.

archaeologist : 考古学者
complication : 合併症
stimulate : 刺激する




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little injury

When I was doing my exercises in the gym, it seems that I somehow strained my triceps. I was doing narrow-pushups at the time when the sharp pain run through my arm and I couldn't push it anymore. Ahhh, it aches when I bend my arm.

It isn't causing inflammation so I don't need to ice the part though I must rest until pain will subside. To a exercising freak like me, it will be a torture staying home for a long time.


strain one's - : ~の筋を違える
triceps : 上腕三頭筋
inflammation : 炎症
rest : 安静にする
- freak : ~の熱狂者、心酔者


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Beaujolais Nouveau ボジョレーヌーヴォー

Do you drink wines?
This year's first Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived to Japan and customs inspection is undergoing at International Airport in Aichi, according to the Japan Times. (Japan Times)

It says that these young wine produced in the Beaujolais region, are traditionally released for comsumption on the third Thursday of November.

I usually don't take wines and so I'm not much familier with it either, but why is this "young" wine so popular? Isn't most of the wine mature the better? What is this wine special about? Drinking Beaujolais Nouvear has become kind of fashion and probably this wine's popularity has exceeded its taste.

Well, according to the article, some people see the wine as a rough gauge of the year's harvest. Well, I doubt that too, though.

undergo : (審査などを)受ける
custums inspection : 税関審査
mature : 熟成させる
fashion : はやり、流行
- exceeds - : ~が~を先行して
gauge : (判断などの)基準


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Throwing away rubbishes

Have you ever thrown away garbages on the roadside?
I have, to tell the truth. But not anymore.

Since I started to have a dog, I sometimes care about garbages and rubbishes on the roadside. It's nothing at all to those who don't care, but to a dog ower it's sometimes a problem.

Dogs, unless they are well trained, finds it and eat them. Most of the times it is not something that dangerous, but it could be. I have heard the news telling that dog ate poisoned food that was set by someone who was intending to kill them.

It's not garbages but falling leaves and seeds sometimes disturbes me too. The other day I found my puppy snitching otya-no-mi with his fingers. It stucked in his throat and almost choked him.
Can't take my eyes off him, in many ways.


rubbish : ごみクズ
snitch : かっぱらう
eat - with one's fingers : つまみ食いをする
eat - on the sly :つまみ食いをする

Eating a humble pie

President of Democratic Party of Japan, Ichiro Ozawa has apologized for causing an uproar last week after his reversal dicision of resiging.
What did he wanted to do anyway?

Deciding to resigin the president just because he took a the party leader talk. And deciding to stay in the party after only couple of days. What he did was reduced the public to confusion with no reason.
I know that he (and the members of DPJ as also) opposes the special antiterrorism bill that authorizes Japan to resume refueling mission in the Indian Ocean. And there also is a trouble that diet hasn't passed a single bill because of so called devided diet.
So what he should be doing is do something about THAT. Not a stupid thing like just quiting and running away. Dicuss the policies. That is what the diet is for, I suppose.

Writing about current topics is quite a difficult subject for me. Reading and writing is very different thing.
One thing good about writing current topics is that you don't have to squise my head trying to work out with something to write.


eat a humble pie : 甘んじて屈辱を受け入れる
Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) : 民主党
President of - : ~党首
party leader talk : 党首会談
reduce - to - : ~を~に陥れる
bill : 法案
special antiterrorism bill : 新テロ対策特別措置法案
devided diet : ねじれ国会

Hello again

Decided to write a diary in English.
How many times did I give a try? Well, I just hope that this one is gonna last longer than the last time.