Croak of the frog

かえるが英語の勉強。 あまりギスギスせずにネット記事読んだり日記を書きながら。



little injury

When I was doing my exercises in the gym, it seems that I somehow strained my triceps. I was doing narrow-pushups at the time when the sharp pain run through my arm and I couldn't push it anymore. Ahhh, it aches when I bend my arm.

It isn't causing inflammation so I don't need to ice the part though I must rest until pain will subside. To a exercising freak like me, it will be a torture staying home for a long time.


strain one's - : ~の筋を違える
triceps : 上腕三頭筋
inflammation : 炎症
rest : 安静にする
- freak : ~の熱狂者、心酔者

Throwing away rubbishes

Have you ever thrown away garbages on the roadside?
I have, to tell the truth. But not anymore.

Since I started to have a dog, I sometimes care about garbages and rubbishes on the roadside. It's nothing at all to those who don't care, but to a dog ower it's sometimes a problem.

Dogs, unless they are well trained, finds it and eat them. Most of the times it is not something that dangerous, but it could be. I have heard the news telling that dog ate poisoned food that was set by someone who was intending to kill them.

It's not garbages but falling leaves and seeds sometimes disturbes me too. The other day I found my puppy snitching otya-no-mi with his fingers. It stucked in his throat and almost choked him.
Can't take my eyes off him, in many ways.


rubbish : ごみクズ
snitch : かっぱらう
eat - with one's fingers : つまみ食いをする
eat - on the sly :つまみ食いをする

Hello again

Decided to write a diary in English.
How many times did I give a try? Well, I just hope that this one is gonna last longer than the last time.